Using measurement service is profitable for many reasons:

  • Purchasing measurement devices is expensive
  • A person who does measurement work full time has better knowledge of the measurement device and measurement process, this makes the measurement results more reliable.

Measurement service

  • Steel construction installation and quality control measurements

  • Kiln measurement
    • lime, cement, chalk and gravel kilns
    • straightness, foundation levelling, ring and roller wear
    • straightening and adjustments

  • Paper machine measurement
    • roller alignment
    • base structure measurement
    • base plate measurement

  • Machine workshop measurement
    • large machined objects
    • steel constructions

  • Milling machine measurement
    • linear accuracy
    • geometry

  • Robot measurement
    • movement
    • linear accuracy
    • geometry

  • Building measurement
    • Surveying and marking


  • Length measurement
  • Optical measurement


  • Measurement basics and instrument operation


  • Solving measurement problems
  • Measurement planning